Repurposed materials in every product.

That's what we believe should be the norm. Right now, nowhere near enough new products use recycled or repurposed materials. 
Why isn't it already the norm? Maybe too many companies are trading global wellbeing for cheaper production costs.

It's everyone's responsibility to seek to leave the world in a better place. It's impossible to clean oceans, parks, rivers, lakes and the environment around us when new materials are constantly produced without thinking about where they'll end up.

New products made from repurposed materials should be the normal way of business, not just a target market. Everyone should expect every company to prioritise using recycled or repurposed materials in their products. This change in how manufacturers source materials for their products can only be driven by the demand from you.

We're going to do it with products that haven't seen it before. Then, we're going to ask why everyone isn't doing it.

Watch us change the world by example.